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How to have a Covid-Safe Holiday

We, along with many of our accommodation colleagues, take our responsibilities incredibly seriously to make sure your stay with us is Covid-Safe, by having undergone specific hygiene training and gaining the official accreditations.

Look out for these kite marques for assurance


But it’s brilliant if you can support the system too.

Cleaning time between change-overs

One of the biggest considerations is leaving enough time between the change-over of guests to ensure deep cleans can be conducted. We deep clean between visitors and that takes much longer than usual.

With that in mind, sometimes this means that we cannot oblige you with a later departure time than agreed.

If you think you might need to leave later than stated, please inform us in advance at the time of booking to check possibilities, we’ll try to help if we can but do need the notice under these current circumstances.

Besides, you’d hate to think your own cleaning might be compromised just because someone before you didn’t leave on time… don’t be those people.


Everything is professionally laundered and we do provide towels. If you prefer to bring your own bedding and towels we completely understand, just let us know ahead of time so that we can prepare accordingly for you.

For added safety we recommend that you don’t share towels and if you’re using the Hot Tub you will need to bring extra towels please.

We hire the Hot Tub in, so you can be assured it is drained and cleaned between guests.

When you’ve been out and about

Enjoy the freedom of being in our beautiful area, but don’t forget some general practices that you would adopt at home still apply;

Keep a 2 metre distance between you and people not in your holiday bubble. Make sure you have facemasks handy at all times for when you might unexpectedly need to go into an enclosed space – a visitor centre, shop, etc etc.

Wash your hands frequently when out and about and take some hand sanitiser out with you. You’ll be touching door handles, hand rails, gate locks, all sorts of surfaces that other people might have too. Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you re-enter the house and maybe keep some sanitiser in the hallway.

Choose activities that naturally help to keep you socially distanced like canoeing, walking, and venues that have a good space for you to be regregated and are also showing the quality marques.

In other words be sensible, mindful and practical and your holiday will be the relxing and safe experince you need it to be.